Ranting is Their Expertise

Did it ever happen to you that you have wanted to cut your ties with your siblings? I have thought this scenario not just once but for billion times. If only I can, of course, I know I can, I just don’t let the anger handle the situation. Because if I did, I know until my last breath I can manage not to rekindle with them.

All they could do is rant at everything. I even wonder if, once in their respective life they let pass a single day without any negative comments. Judging and finding one’s persons fault is what they’re very good at, and I ain’t exempted. I am there number one subject, apple of their eyes. How about their own undesirable attitudes? Are they aware or ready to hear it? I bet yah not, because they feel they are close to perfection.

THEY always claim:

1. I’m a keen observer, Don’t teach me.
2. I’m right, you are wrong.
3. I have brilliant mind, you aren’t.
4. I can do it, I don’t need your help.

Well, the moment they throw all those arrogant claims I recorded it to my memory bank whilst saying is that so?! So be it! I respect to their claims, for if I won’t, I’ll be belittled infinitely.

I never give my hand unless I’m being ask. I never complain as long as I can handle things on my own. I never seek for their help not until I run out with options. With all honesty, I wouldn’t like to quest for their hand even if I needed it so direly. Proven and tested, I could count on them at all times but, the reciprocation is unequal.

With them, you can’t be who you are nor enjoy the moments. Loosing thyself awaits an earful pessimism.

Still I’m grateful to have them as part of my life though they are my calvaries. If I will be given another life, with no second thoughts I don’t want them to be called my sisters.